Posthoornkerk Amsterdam

The Posthoornkerk is the first building in Amsterdam by Pierre Cuypers from 1860, who later also built the Rijksmuseum (1876) and Amsterdam Central Station (1881). The official name is Onze Lieve Vrouwe Onbevlekt Ontvangen. To prevent the sledge hammer in the 80’s, de neighborhood organized itself into a foundation, Stichting de Posthoornkerk and found a new purpose for the building. Stadsherstel assisted in this proces and took over the monument to continue the renovation and manage it’s new destination. On the upper floors office space has been created and on the ground floor a spacious event location.

The main room of the venue, the Church hall, is 432 m2 big. The space within the ten pilars, below the schip and in front of the choir, has a floorspace of 332 m2. The Entreehall is 134 m2 big. The Posthoornkerk has in total 660 m2 and has a maximum capacity of 300 visitors. It is a beautiful venue with a high ceiling and a stone tiled floor suitable for dancing. A characteristic place with a spacious front square and interesting surroundings, so that more relaxation can also be found close by.
The Posthoornkerk is open to the public each first Wednesday of the month, between 12 - 16 o’clock, and each third Sunday of the month, between 13 - 16 o’clock. The Posthoornkerk also participates in the National Monumentday and the Open Towerday.
We thank Stadsherstel, the owner of the Posthoornkerk, for its enthusiasm and support.
For more information go to:

Haarlemmerstraat 124-126
1013 EX Amsterdam

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