DJ 'El Fresco' (Haarlem)

Closing DJ, Sunday 12th of June 20:00 - 00:30

Richard Frisart ‘El Fresco’ started dancing tango in the Hague in 2010. He's been a Tango DJ since 2015, DJing regularly at milongas and festivals all around the Netherlands, and abroad. He is the resident DJ at You-Tango in Haarlem. EL Fresco DJed at the Holland Tango Festival in Rotterdam/the Hague 5 years in a row. Before 2020, Richard DJed a number of times at various milongas in Buenos Aires as well. 

He was one of two Dutch tango DJs to participate in the online Earth Virtual Milonga series. He also did a series of tango radio programmes for the Hamburg based Radio Babylon in 2021.

Richard has a YouTube channel ‘Tango Music Tutorials’ with short videos on tango music, orchestras, singers, and tandas of the week.